Cosmetic Surgery

What is Cosmetic Eye Surgery?

Plastic surgery is performed to "mold or reform" a part of the body and may be divided into two types - reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery restores impaired function, is medically necessary, and generally is covered by patients' health insurance. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is done to change one's appearance to a more pleasing alternative. Plastic surgery in the area of the eye lids and facial regions is often both reconstructive and cosmetic, resulting in improved visual function and improved appearance.

Who Should Consider Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about your face. Unfortunately, natural aging changes commonly appear first around your eyes, making you look tired or sad. Men and women from their 30's to their 80's undergo cosmetic surgery to alleviate eyelid puffiness, heaviness, bulges and drooping caused by excessive skin, muscle and fatty tissue. These aging changes are often accelerated by heredity, allergic swelling, sun exposure and smoking. Reasonable expectations are to correct sagging and bulging eyelid and eyebrow tissues and to reduce wrinkling which may make you look older than you feel. The result is a freshened, rested, more youthful appearance!

Before Blepharoplasty

After Blepharoplasty


Before Brow lift

After Brow lift

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. This surgery consists of the artful removal of excess and redundant skin and underlying bulging tissue, and includes elevation and anchoring of the deeper muscle layers. In many people, excess upper eyelid tissues hang downward, hooding the eyelashes and even causing significant visual obstruction. The weight of the excess upper eyelid tissues may cause brow ache and fatigue or may cause eyelashes to turn inward and irritate the eye. Utilizing a fine skin incision hidden in the natural upper lid crease allows the surgery to be completed with little scarring. Lower lid blepharoplasty reduces puffiness, bags and bulges under the eyes and can be extended to include cheek lifting. In many cases, the surgery can be done using an incision on the inside of the lower lid, thus eliminating a visible skin scar. Alternatively, if excess skin also needs removal, the incision is made just below the eyelashes.

Brow plasty

A brow or forehead lift is often done in combination with eyelid blepharoplasty. Sagging brows may crowd the eyelid space and fail to support the upper lids. Brow lifting restores the normal brow position and contour and reduces forehead creases. Brow lifting can be accomplished through a variety of approaches.

Choosing a surgeon

Eyelid and eyebrow surgery can affect the function and lubrication of the eye, and possible complications of this surgery can include loss of vision. An ophthalmic plastic surgeon is uniquely qualified to perform this type of cosmetic surgery.

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